Testimonial Lisa

My name is Lisa Koole; I am married to Robert and have a blended family, and am the mother of 4 children. I was the owner of an interior design shop that ended up in voluntary bankruptcy, which was pretty intense at the time, but in the end turned out to be my best decision ever. Looking back, it was playing havoc with my health and I came out much stronger.

"At Beyuna, I can run my business the way I want to. I will never go back to running a traditional business."

I have become quite attached to my "regained" freedom and I talk to anyone who wants to hear more about Beyuna, preferably about the business model. I do this at business events, for example, because I have just joined a great networking club. Last year I was allowed to 'try it out', now I am a paying member. It is great to meet with other members on a regular basis and a great opportunity to present not only myself but also Beyuna. I would recommend finding a nice networking club to anyone. Sometimes the clubs are free to join and sometimes they only ask for a small contribution. However, you do get invited to nice events where you can meet interesting people, where everyone wants each other's business to do well and where you will get advice on how to get in touch with other people. My business is growing steadily, but I am not easily satisfied. I wouldn't mind if things went a bit quicker but according to my husband, I am doing well.

Robert Koole, husband of Lisa Koole: Due to Lisa's father suffering from a serious illness, she became aware of the power of nutrition and supplements versus traditional medicine early on. The orthomolecular nutritional approach has meant that her father can enjoy a better quality of life, meaning that Lisa is also happier.

Knowing this, combined with Lisa's universal feminine skills of persuasion and influence, when she proposed making a modest investment in Beyuna, I had no objection and she started on 1 April 2016.

And even I started to believe in the Beyuna concept because I started using the products myself and cannot conceal their impact. Real positive impact. And when I see that Lisa is completely motivated to make it a success (and that will certainly happen) and how she is able to listen to all the presentations from 9 to 5, then I am sure: she is happy with what she's doing and can contribute to her own wellbeing and that of others.

Lisa: I can't think of a company that is nicer, better organized, and more ready for the future than Beyuna, and this is also where I see my future.