Testimonial: Léon & Ellen Adriaanse

At the end of 2000 I became an independent entrepreneur (interim manager) because I wanted freedom. For me, freedom meant: determining things for myself, creating value for my clients and thus earning a lot of money to support my family. However, traditional self-employment never gave me the freedom I was looking for. On the contrary: I was always working! In addition, we ran great risks, because: not working means not making money, pension was not arranged and how should my family continue if something happened to me? We were in the traditional rat race and we wanted to get out!

We were in the traditional rat race and we wanted to get out

At some point, Ellen was asked to review a network marketing company. During a presentation of the company, Ellen saw very good products and I saw a business concept with which we could cover our risks and with which my desired freedom was within reach. On Friday we attended a company presentation and after the weekend we started. We had the opportunity to start in the highest position so we did. I thought: building that organization, I'll do that easily. But that turned out to be more difficult than I had thought. As an independent entrepreneur, I was (and am) stubborn and we lost some time with that. I really had to learn to listen to people who were more successful than me. From the moment I did that, our team started to grow (in Europe and from the end of 2017 also in the United States). Structure in the way I work has always been very important to me and has helped us tremendously in recent years. We also make this structure available to others through our Beyuna Training Center in Oss (with weekly company presentations and company training) and online.

To be able to live the way we want, autonomously, Ellen and I will build a trust fund for the next five years. That is initially fun for us, our children and our immediate environment. In addition, we see a number of things in society that can be done differently and better. Money is needed for this and a trust fund gives us the opportunity to contribute to society in our own way.