Testimonial: Laura & Maxime

Since last year I have been working in the fashion industry as a Personal Assistant. Every month we organize fashion drinks, where my father and I met Sonja. In March my father came up with the idea to start as a Jupiter. He had already been to a training session once and there he became so enthusiastic that he immediately said: this is something for Laura!

We saw so many opportunities and possibilities that we wanted to start high.

My father invests a lot in companies, and he knows it costs a lot of money. We have therefore chosen to start our own company for € 15,000, because this is relatively cheap. Soon after I started, I told my best friend Maxime about what I was going to do. Without giving any further details about Beyuna she was enthusiastic right away. "It would be great fun to do this with you!" We have known each other for six years and know that we would make good business partners.

My father also thought it was nice for me to be able to do this together with Maxime. The three of us have now started working at Beyuna since March. My father strongly supports us in this and already has great ideas for bringing Beyuna to England. We also think it would be great fun to give presentations and lectures in Zwolle. Maxime and I are both very ambitious and are looking forward to our future at Beyuna. We are still young, and this gives us a bit of security for later.

Laura & Maxime